Roadtrip! Stock your car for weekend fun 

Posted on October 16, 2019

This is the season for spending time out of doors, taking short trips on back roads, cheering the team at Friday-night football games and enjoying the cool weather. It's easier to enjoy the moment if your your vehicle is equipped for impromptu fun.


Plan for Fall Picnics or Flea Market Shopping: 

Craft fairs and flea markets pop up regularly during the fall. Take advantage of them for quick family excursions by keeping a basket or tote stocked with reusable plastic plates, cups and silverware; pack a simple lunch from home, or stop at a small town grocery or farmers market for bread, cheese and cold cuts, chips and cookies. It's a great alternative to waiting in a drive-through lane. Whether you find a picnic table in the park, or a shady spot by the side of a stream, relax in the company of nature.

Plan for Warmth and Comfort: 

No matter what paths you follow in the fall, the weather can change quickly, so it pays to be prepared. Whether you're going to a game or hitting the road to ooh and aah over brilliant foliage colors, stow a lightweight stadium blanket or two along with a couple of weatherproof cushions in the trunk of your car. In addition to water bottles, fill a thermos with either hot soup or hot chocolate and you'll be prepared for anything Mother Nature can throw at you!

Think About Contingencies: 

As connected as we all are these days, it's also wise to have some old-fashioned backups. Consider a battery-operated portable radio, a battery-operated lantern or a strong beacon-style flashlight, especially if you have children or pets. They're good for any time of year, but especially in the fall, when dusk appears all too quickly. For extra protection, keep a pack of emergency flares and fluorescent safety vests in your car. 

You can find some of these roadtrip essentials at the Lifestyle show this October! Show opens October 27th to 30th.

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Create a Healthy Home this Fall/Winter 

Create a Healthy Home this Fall/Winter 

Posted on Sept 23, 2019

The change of seasons means more time spent indoors, so it may be time to think about creating a safer, healthier environment to enjoy with the family. Think about air quality, disease prevention and simple enjoyment. With just a little thought and effort, combined with minimal expense, it's possible to make different parts of your home welcoming havens for indoor activities.

Boost Air Quality - Winter air can lead to respiratory ailments, dry eyes, itchy skin and persistent coughs and congestion. Portable electric humidifiers are a great way to eliminate some of these problems. A model with an aromatherapy diffuser serves double function as part of a winter strategy to improve your health, lift your spirits and freshen your interiors with your choice of soothing scents. 

Turn the Bath Into a Spa - Concentrated aromatheraphy will also boost your energy as part of your morning grooming routine, encourage relaxation after a busy day. Add anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bath mats and natural fiber towels for added health and fitness benefits, and perhaps even a yoga mat or a meditation corner to turn a master bath into a personal wellness retreat.

Concentrate on Healthy Eating - In the winter, it's important to eat healthy foods, so look for an electric juicer, an air cooker and an individual waffle maker for weekend breakfasts. Also consider a hot pot for warming spiced tea and sinfully rich hot chocolate — good anytime!

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Tech Tools for Travel

Posted on Sept 16, 2019

In today's fast-based world, in addition to jet lag and potential delays, a traveler should be prepared to adapt, not only to new places and cultures, but also to minor inconveniences. Here are three products you'll want to grab before your next trip:

  • Never Go Without a Charge: A smart backpack or travel tote is one travel accessory you can't do without, no matter what your destination. Look at backpacks with built-in charging cables and USB ports to tote electronics safely and conveniently. Models with anti-theft closures and solar chargers are new on the market and make good sense. Expandable carry-on bags with the same features also expand your travel options and offer additional space for overnight needs.
  • Zone Out for Business or Pleasure: Seek out the latest generation Bluetooth earphone that's not only waterproof for strenuous workouts, but also designed for noise reduction so that you can concentrate completely on the "message," whether its music, a motivational tape or a business presentation. 
  • Stay "On the Grid" Wherever You Go: A portable converter plug is a must for most foreign travel. Choose one with multiple options for different standard receptacles, multiple USB ports, and at least one additional plug-in. They're small, they're powerful, and you'll never have to choose between charging your phone or using your electric toothbrush. Better yet, travel with two or more; you can loan one to a friend, or you'll have a backup, just in case.

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More reasons to Attend the Lifestyle show

More reasons to Attend the Lifestyle show

Posted on Sept 9, 2019

The Lifestyle show is held with Global Sources Fashion — and here are 5 more reasons to get you packing!

6.  Hong Kong’s largest collection of fashion bags, including handbags, bucket bags, satchel, clutch bags and more

7.  Apparel pavilion with 500 booths, including the largest selection of sportswear and active lifestyle products

8.  Socks pavilion with a wide range of athletic socks, trouser socks, casual socks, multiple toe socks, and specialty socks

9.  Fashion Go Tech Event featuring a series of activities, including fashion tech product demos, fashion trends & sourcing conference, fashion tech forum and networking party

10. Small Order Zone – enjoy the flexibility of sourcing in small quantities and ordering on-the-spot

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10 Reasons to Attend

10 Reasons to Attend

Posted on Sept 4, 2019

Big new changes are taking place – and here are 10 of the things we can’t wait to share with you in the upcoming show!

1. NEW pavilion for Sports & Outdoors – 200 booths, including fitness & sporting goods, outdoor & sports bags, camping & leisure products, sportswear, and competition & event gifts

2. NEW pavilion for Travel Goods – 80 booths, featuring an array of luggage, travel equipment & shoes, hotel supplies, and hygiene products

3. NEW pavilion for Health and Beauty – 100 booths of hairdressing products, health & equipment supplies, personal care products, and makeup and cosmetics

4. Cool Design Gallery – showcasing 100 of the best, award-winning gifts and home innovations as well as the Eco-friendly Zone

5. Millennial Top Picks – featuring a curated selection of innovative products that appeal to today’s biggest-spending age group – on-the-go, tech-savvy, home-centered, fitness-driven, eco-aware, hyperconnected and constantly sharing

Need more reasons? Check again next week for more!

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Key to successful travel: Stay fresh, clean

Key to successful travel: Stay fresh, clean

Posted on August 29, 2019

No access to showers, don't fret. This useful guide will help you stay refreshed when going on the road.

When traveling, it pays to be armed with the right hygiene products to help fight foul odor and illness-causing microorganisms.

Read a list of tips, along with several products from Global Sources Verified Suppliers, to help a traveler stay refreshed when going on the road.

NEW at the show: Find thousands of travel-related products in the new Travel Goods pavilion at the show this October. Make sure to check them out!

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